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1230000347969 - Grimm's Fairytale: Bearskin - Bog


Bearskin (2015) (?)

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1230000347969 (?)

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Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm were German writers, academics, linguists and researches living in the XVIII century. Their passion was to collect folklore tales and write fairytales on the basis of these stories. Their first book of fairytales Children's and Household Tales was published in 1812. Brothers Grimm are one of the greatest storytellers of all times. Nowadays everybody knows their fairytales Cinderella, Rapunzel and Snow White. These stories have been adapted by many cartoon and film makers, they are available in more then 100 languages. We proudly present you one of the most wonderful tales by Grimm brothers Bearskin. This story is about how important it is sometimes not to judge by appearance. There was a brave soldier, whose only occupation was to make a war. But once the war was over and he had no idea what he was going to do with his life. Then appeared a stranger and said, that if the soldier wore a bearskin and didn't wash himself for seven years, then the stranger would give him a lot of money and property. One year later a soldier started to look like a true monster. Once he helped an old man, whose daughters were very beautiful. But the eldest and the second daughters refused to marry, as he was too scary and ugly. Only the youngest agreed. She was waiting for him for years, and eventually he came back. What happened then? You are going to know if you read this wonderful tale.
Kategori: Fiction
Nøgleord: Bearskin Grimm's Fairytale Action/Adventure Fiction 1230000347969
Data fra 18-11-2016 10:01h


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