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1230000480833 - Carl Nagel: Handbook of Black Witchcraft - Bog


Handbook of Black Witchcraft (2015) (?)

Levering fra: TysklandNy boge-bog, e-bog, digital bogprodukt for digital download

1230000480833 (?)

, Ukendt sprog, Starlight Books, Starlight Books, Starlight Books, Nye, eBook, digital download
The Scene - An isolated village somewhere in the English countryside. The Action - The bell in the clock tower strikes twelve. Midnight has at last arrived. A cloud passes before the face of the full moon. Somewhere in the distance a dog begins to howl. Fog clings to the ancient tombstones of the village cemetery. A procession of thirteen dark robed figures makes its way toward a long abandoned church. A naked young virgin struggles to escape their evil clutches. Inside the church, the figures stand before a stone altar upon which is placed the young girl. Along the walls and floor stand brightly burning black candles illuminating the eerie scene. Above and to the rear of the altar is a large goat's head. The thirteen members of the black coven recite the Lord's Prayer backwards as the innocent young virgin struggles desperately to escape the ropes that bind her to the cold stone altar. Cue - Thunder and lightning. From within his robes, the coven's leader removes a new born infant and holds it up before the goat's head. After reciting an ancient conjuration to the devils of darkness, he holds the baby above the naked body of the virgin and removes an ornate dagger from his belt. He cuts the baby's throat and pours the warm fresh blood all over the young girl's naked flesh. In the adjoining cemetery rotting corpses, worms falling from their eyeless sockets, claw their way up from out of their graves and go in search of people to eat. CUT. Hollywood's idea of Black Witchcraft is quite different from the Truth. Yes, there are Spells and Rituals that call upon so-called dark powers, but human sacrifice? Get real. Not long after reading these words you will be living the life of a black witch. Are you ready?
Kategori: New Age
Nøgleord: Handbook of Black Witchcraft Carl Nagel Witchcraft & Wicca New Age 1230000480833
Data fra 23-09-2015 12:15h


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