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1230000487115 - Roger Rapel: Gift or Curse? - Bog


Gift or Curse? (2015) (?)

Levering fra: TysklandNy boge-bog, e-bog, digital bogprodukt for digital download

1230000487115 (?)

, Ukendt sprog, Black Hawk, Black Hawk, Black Hawk, Nye, eBook, digital download
Mark was traveling by coach on the long journey to meet his estranged wife, in an attempt to amicably sort out their divorce. He had met Michaela on a coach, but what Mark hadn't known about his wife was that she could sometimes see visions when she touched an object or shook someone's hand. Michaela's mind's eye would be blinded by a searing white light, and as the light gradually dissipated, she would see the vision as clear as day. She touched Mark's hand - then bang! The white out happened. She called it a curse; her mother called it a gift. She couldn't tell Mark what she had seen, but he knew something was wrong. "What had she seen?" he wondered. The occult ran in the family. Michaela's mother was a Tarot card reader, or was she? Mark's wife was leading a double life. On the surface, she was a high-flying city executive, reaching for the top, or was she? The reader will be taken through the twists and turns of the secret services, including MI6, CIA, MOSSAD and the KGB, but no one is who they say they are. Intrigue and double agents abound.
Kategori: Fiction & Literature
Nøgleord: Gift or Curse? Roger Rapel Action & Adventure Fiction & Literature 1230000487115
Data fra 09-09-2015 21:10h


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