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1230000678186 - Louise Nichols Cook: Road to Calfa - Bog


Road to Calfa (2015) (?)

Levering fra: I USABogen er på engelskNy boge-bog, e-bog, digital bogprodukt for digital download

1230000678186 (?)

, på engelsk, Louise Nichols Cook, Louise Nichols Cook, Louise Nichols Cook, Nye, eBook, digital download
Water from a cracked pipe above my head drips steadily onto me; slowly soaking my already damp, dirty clothes. The cell is so small if I move my elbows they scrape the rough walls and my head almost touches the ceiling even though I am curled up as small as is physically possible. There is no space to move and if I was any bigger I wouldn't be able to breathe. It's always cold in here, ribbons of wind slip through the gaps in the uneven stone walls, snaking delicately around me, penetrating easily through my thin, worn clothing. I hug my knees tight to my chest, trying to conserve some of the little warmth I have left. Within the walls of The Institute, children are imprisoned against their will. Taken from a train in New York, Poppy and Sam don't remember their lives before The Institute - they only have darkness. Kidnapped age 12, Jonty remembers everything about life before his imprisonment and is desperate to find a way back. But if they escape, will life on the outside be the same as what he remembers?
Kategori: Fiction & Literature
Nøgleord: Road to Calfa Louise Nichols Cook Action & Adventure Fiction & Literature 1230000678186
Data fra 28-05-2017 05:49h


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