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9781311113597 - Kerry L. Barger: The True Story of Noah: Discovering Where the Ark Came to Rest - Bog


The True Story of Noah: Discovering Where the Ark Came to Rest (2015) (?)

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9781311113597 (?) eller 1311113592

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Noah's "Hill of Salvation" has now been found! You can examine it for yourself using modern satellite imagery! This book presents the best evidence to date as to the precise location where Noah's ark came to rest, which many throughout history have unsuccessfully attempted to identify in various, remote locations throughout the world. While every detail in the true story of Noah has yet to be determined, the gaps that remain have grown more and more narrow with each new archaeological discovery related to the subject. This book presents those that are presently known, in addition to providing compelling new evidence for where Noah's ark came to rest following the Great Flood of the Bible. What remains is still a matter open for speculation and debate. Those gaps can be filled with the plausible or the implausible, the miraculous or the mundane. The author has chosen to fill them with what is probable, in light of the context and what has actually been discovered from the most recent scientific studies of ancient Mesopotamia. The following editorial review has been posted by the U.S. Review of Books:"The ark was massive by any standard, covering an area roughly the size of a football field and 60 feet from top to bottom."The True Story of Noah" explores the origins of this well known biblical story from a unique angle. Using related literature and information provided, Barger probes further to understand the likeliest resting spot of the ark. In the process, he provides a deluge of enriching historical information that revolves around the life of Noah and the origins of man. Barger's discourse is intriguing and would particularly spark engaging conversation in a college humanities lecture. references to many familiar figures from creation myths and stories, such as The Epic of Gilgamesh, will keep the reader involved. Nevertheless, it is imperative to understand that this book is just as much about the story of how Noah came to be as it is about the final resting
Kategori: History
Nøgleord: The True Story of Noah: Discovering Where the Ark Came to Rest Kerry L. Barger Adult History 9781311113597
Data fra 05-07-2016 21:41h
ISBN (alternativ notationer): 1-311-11359-2, 978-1-311-11359-7


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