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9781311115287 - DD White: Gods of Doldoria - Bog


Gods of Doldoria (2015) (?)

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9781311115287 (?) eller 1311115285

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Three Hundred Earth years after the creation of the star door wormhole generators, the short blue humanoid from the planet Doldoria named Burbundor had received a star map from the star door being named Beatersius on the planet Oa-3. Now he needs his old adventure companions, Syaxcorio and Dinorio, to help him on this quest across many light years of space to the event horizon of a black hole in order to find a treasure from back when this galaxy was a quasar during the Photonic Age of the galaxy. Burbundor will not only need help from his friends, but also his enemies, the giant Children of Dol, and even ultimately the very gods of Doldoria. Burbundor must also succeed in this quest while the galactic Empire of Nephapricus was at war with reptilian aliens called Incapricans. Join Burbundor and his friends on a fast-paced action-packed galactic quest through wormholes and other dimensions, where beings may just exist that to us could be what you might call a god. Gods of Doldoria is the forth novel by DD White about the mighty galaxy Magphoreus, where in this galaxy's 2nd Age was the rise and fall of the ancient galactic empire called Nephapricus. Follow Burbundor and his fellow adventurers through a galactic empire of wormholes, and artificially intelligent technologies that are as immortal as any god. DD White has also written the novels Aquari, Voyage of the Beyonder, and The Star Doors about this fascinating cranny of galactic history.
Kategori: Science Fiction
Nøgleord: Gods of Doldoria DD White Adventure Sci Fi Science Fiction 9781311115287
Data fra 18-06-2016 20:41h
ISBN (alternativ notationer): 1-311-11528-5, 978-1-311-11528-7


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