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9781311115911 - Salvatore A. Bono: Framed by the Devil - Bog


Framed by the Devil (2015) (?)

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9781311115911 (?) eller 1311115919

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During a judicial execution, a falsely convicted murderer meets Jesus Christ in a spiritual realm. During this time, the Protagonist rediscovers the ability to forgive and the importance of perseverance in faith. Having been corrupted through an intoxication with success as a world renown musician, the story begins while the Protagonist is being framed, sending him to death row. The scenes in the prison depicting cell fighting with the prison guards, and the "dead man" walk, leading up to the actual execution scenes pack considerable dramatic punch. During the preparation scenes for lethal injection, the narrative delves into a few flashbacks of the Convict's Catholic upbringing before setting him on a spiritual experience that sends him to a realm resembling the "Holy Land" in the time of Jesus Christ. While the Protagonist and Jesus resolve a number of spiritual shortfalls that have lead this man on a life bereft of morality, and filled with spiritual self-destruction, they literally take a "walk through the universe" while resolving these spiritual issues. After going through several exchanges with Jesus that lead to this Convict's course to redemption, he finally discovers that he will miraculously survive the lethal injection because he has been given a redemptive mission back on Earth to save the life of a fallen minister from Satan's control. However, the mission comes with a price. While on Earth, the ex-Convict discovers that he has been blessed with the power of the Holy Spirit in order to carry out his mission. As a result of this discovery, a miraculous act, and several demonstrations of God's power are displayed the journey to find the fallen minister becomes a course of deceit, violence, and spiritual battles, which test ex-Convict's rediscovered faith to his limits. When Satan is ultimately revealed, the ex-Convict fails to take Jesus at his word through his teachings, leading to relentless exchanges between the ex-Convict's possession of the power of God
Kategori: Fiction & Literature
Nøgleord: Framed by the Devil" Salvatore A. Bono Religious Fiction & Literature 9781311115911
Data fra 05-07-2016 21:46h
ISBN (alternativ notationer): 1-311-11591-9, 978-1-311-11591-1


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