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Everybody Has a Story III: Erasmus 2015 Campus Haderslev:
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9788771707045 - Torbjørn Ydegaard (Ed.): Everybody Has a Story III: Erasmus 2015 Campus Haderslev
Torbjørn Ydegaard (Ed.) (?):

Everybody Has a Story III: Erasmus 2015 Campus Haderslev (2015) (?)

ISBN: 9788771707045 (?) eller 8771707042, på engelsk, 152 sider, Books on Demand, Nye, første udgave, eBook, digital download

DKK 38,45 (£ 4,49)¹(gratis forsendelse, uden forpligtelse)
e-bog til download, Gratis forsendelse.
Fra sælger/antikvarisk
This is the third book in the series “Everybody Has a Story”. The story behind the idea for these books and their title goes back to The Freedom Writers Diary that came about as the result of the teachings of young teacher at a high school in a socially deprived area in Long Beach near Los Angeles. The teacher, Erin Gruwell, found herself more or less forced to base her teachings on the stories of the living conditions of her students. When she became aware of these stories and managed to relate the content of the curriculum to them, her students started to find interest in the subjects of the school – and they began to learn. This book is the result of a Freedom Writer course during the spring-semester 2015. During the course the students were faced with different writing exercises as well as hand-on art-making ranging from drawings over photos to videos. The texts, pictures and other contents of the book are made anonymous to protect the participating students as these products might be very personal. And personal it has to be, when you become aware of whom you actually are! Kindle Edition, Udgave: 1, Format: Kindle eBook, Etiket: Books on Demand, Books on Demand, Produktgruppe: eBooks, Offentliggjort: 2015-06-25, Udgivelsesdato: 2015-06-25, Studio: Books on Demand
Platform ordrenummer Amazon.co.uk: B010DJ6EDY
Nøgleord: Civil Liberties & Political Activism, Countries & Regions, Economics, International Institutions, International Relations, Political Science & Ideology, Political Structure & Processes, Reference, Books, Society, Politics & Philosophy, Government & Politics, Arms Control, Civil Rights & Liberties, Disaster Relief, Freedom & Security, Globalisation, Ideologies, Labour & Industrial Relations, Leadership, Mass Media, Political History & Theory, Political Parties, Poverty, Practical Politics, Regional Planning, Social Sciences, Social Security, Terrorism, Urban Planning & Development, War & Peace, Kindle Store, Kindle eBooks, Politics & Social Sciences
Data fra 15-03-2017 14:20h
ISBN (alternativ notationer): 87-7170-704-2, 978-87-7170-704-5


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