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The fight against the UFO-deniers-Undersøg hvert tilbud

9788771707410 - Jakob Munck: The fight against the UFO-deniers
Jakob Munck (?):

The fight against the UFO-deniers (2015) (?)

ISBN: 9788771707410 (?) eller 8771707417, på engelsk, 64 sider, Books on Demand, Nye, første udgave, eBook, digital download

DKK 59,80 (£ 6,99)¹(gratis forsendelse, uden forpligtelse)
e-bog til download, Gratis forsendelse.
Fra sælger/antikvarisk
This story is about a very mean civilization. People who do not think like the others, are exposed to persecution because they are considered to be a threat to the moral harmony and the national mythology.The rulers of this daemonic society has invented the the UFO-religion and everyone are forced to obay the idears of this religion.There is a lot of money to be earned when you are a priest in the UFO-religion, so the ruling class do not like, when it is criticized.Therefore the people who critizise this religion are fired from their job and put to jail. If this is not enough, they are killed. Kindle Edition, Udgave: 1, Format: Kindle eBook, Etiket: Books on Demand, Books on Demand, Produktgruppe: eBooks, Offentliggjort: 2015-07-20, Udgivelsesdato: 2015-07-20, Studio: Books on Demand
Platform ordrenummer Amazon.co.uk: B0124T55BS
Nøgleord: Adventure Stories & Action, Anthologies, Biographical Fiction, Classics, Contemporary Fiction, Crime, Thrillers & Mystery, Erotica, Family Sagas, Fantasy, Film & Television Tie-In, Gay & Lesbian, Historical, Horror, Humour, Lad Lit, Literary Fiction, Medical, Metaphysical & Visionary, Myths & Fairy Tales, Poetry & Drama, Political, Psychological, Religious & Inspirational, Romance, Science Fiction, Short Stories, Sport, War, Westerns, Women Writers & Fiction, Books, Kindle Store, Kindle eBooks, Literature & Fiction
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ISBN (alternativ notationer): 87-7170-741-7, 978-87-7170-741-0


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